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i blew a fuse in my personality's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
i blew a fuse in my personality

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[09 Aug 2003|01:56am]

Your Bedroom Personality Is Subtle!

You get what you want... somtimes.

What this means:

You're all for getting what you want in bed.

But you rather suggest than tell.

You're all sexual undertones - not overtones.

What your lovers love about you:

You tend to work your lover into a frenzy with teasing and flirting.

You are sweet and complementary, never too demanding.

Sex with you is a low pressure affair.

What your lovers can't stand about you:

You seem sexually moody at times...

And damn hard to please at others.

And you'll hardly ever open up about sex.

What's *Your* Bedroom Personality?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva
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i dont understand [11 Jun 2003|12:22am]
why do i always get shut down.. am i really that lame? i dont understand at all. is there something worng with me that i dont know about. my friends are always telling me that i can get any guy that i want. well let me tell you, thats absolutely wrong.. every guy i want doesn't want me.. and its getting annoying.. i jsut want to be loved and in return love him... but he wont give me a chance.. i didn't say anything soon enough and now that i did i think its too late.. and i might have possibly said too much.. i dont know. i jsut dont know what to do anymore.. i hate my life right now.. i try to be positive but it doesn't seem to get me anywhere.. some times i jsut want to say fuck i dont care. i dont need anyone to make my life better. but in actuality i do care and i do need someone. im scapping the bottom.. and i dont know how to get to the top or at least the middle.haha.i dont feel close to anyone anymore. i cant have conversations with close friedns the way i used to be able to.
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element [31 Jan 2003|12:11am]
[ mood | determined ]

so today was annoying until i went to adri's
her friend mike taught her how to start a bow-drill-fire.. so she taught me but we couldn't get one started.. i think we were probably doin it wrong.. it was fun though.. my hands are all rough and manly now though.. and i scrapped my nuckle.ouch.. then we went in the canyon and cut some bamboo and cleaned it off and stuff.. its so pretty we are going to get some more and make a legit chill spot in her backyard...

...to be continued

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[17 Jan 2003|03:37am]
[ mood | high ]

tonight was strangely comfortable

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spoon out my heart [16 Jan 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | discontent ]

i miss them.

i miss how it was. when everyone could hang out. and everyone close.
it seems like i dont even know them anymore.

its sad.
its annoying.

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ill drink to that! [14 Jan 2003|07:55pm]
lli il Iiiil ll (7:48:16 PM): hey buddy
HAlOWIThouTWINgs (7:48:25 PM): whats up money
lli il Iiiil ll (7:48:34 PM): haha
lli il Iiiil ll (7:48:42 PM): not a damn thing
lli il Iiiil ll (7:48:54 PM): whats up over in your neck of the woods

lli il Iiiil ll (7:52:15 PM): haha
HAlOWIThouTWINgs (7:52:15 PM): cheers mate
lli il Iiiil ll (7:52:21 PM): cheers
HAlOWIThouTWINgs (7:52:38 PM): hahaa
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YOU [13 Jan 2003|11:34pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i need a reason to wake up in the morning

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[07 Jan 2003|03:05am]
[ mood | lonely ]

// series one - you:
-- Middle name: Nicole
-- Birth time: hmmm?
-- Birthplace: Montclair, CA
-- Last place you traveled: uhhh TJ!!!!! Happy Birthday to me!
-- Eye Color: blue/green
-- Nail Color: grey/purle/brown-ish
-- Height: 5'4"
-- Zodiac Sign: libra

// series two - describe:
-- Your heritage: italian
-- The shoes you wore today: mmm my ganster slippers
-- Your hair: the excuse is its growing out
-- Your weakness: cute boys
-- Your fears: beign alone
-- Your perfect pizza: mushroom olive cheese and artichoke..mmmm
-- One thing you'd like to achieve: anything i have ever dreamed of

// series three - what is:
-- Your most overused phrase on aim: uhhhhh.. <-- i say that a lot
-- Your thoughts first waking up: pee!
-- Your current worry: being fat
-- Your plans tomorrow: job finding.. or probably sleep
-- Your best physical feature: eyes
-- Your bedtime: during school. i got to sleep when i get home.. but im onb rak so its wheneven i feel like it
-- Your greatest accomplishment: im such a loser

// series four - you prefer:
-- sunrise or sunset: sunset
-- gore or horror: if i had to choose it would be horror
-- eastsiiiide or wessssside: east side.. yes yes im a trader
-- stripes or poka dots: stripes
-- B===D~~ or ( o )( o ): uhhh ...yea?
-- money or fame: money.. i dont know why anyone would want to be famous.. thats jsut asking to be stalked
-- Planes or trains: niether they both are crashing a lot lately.. i will just walk
-- metal or hardcore: hardcore
-- Boxers or briefs: i dont really care
-- Your life is: annoying
-- truth or lies: fuck liars.
-- The boss or J. Cash: yes
-- Pools or hot tubs: hot tub?

// series five - do you
-- Cuss: ummm... yes
-- Do you think you've been in love: still am .. and it sucks
-- Want to get married: yes
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: probably not
-- Like to take baths: not really
-- Get motion sickness: umm possibly
-- Masterbate: sure
-- Like talking on the phone: i hate the phone
-- Like thunderstorms: i like the rain
-- Play an instrument: piano
-- Workout: yoga
-- Like reading: soemtimes

// series six - favorite:
-- Body part: hip bones
-- Kind of fruit: kiwi
-- Music to fall asleep to: jump, little children
-- Time of the day: wehnt eh street lights come on
-- Feature in the opposite sex: lips eyes and teeth.. oh and the hip bones
-- Car: golf.. vw bus
-- Number: thats not intresting.
-- Thing to do right before bed: kiss you good night
-- Thing to say when you're mad: fuck fuck fuck
-- Era: 80ssss
-- Horror movie: eww
-- Colors: pink green
-- Fuck: for sure buddy

// series eight - the future:
-- Age you hope to be married: mid 20's
-- Numbers and Names of Children: boy.Hollywood girl.Flower
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: with him and me
-- How do you want to die: i dont
-- Where you want to go to college: i GO to FJC cosmotology.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: doing hair and make up for run way models.
-- What country would you most like to visit: oh theres so many

// series nine - opposite sex:
-- Best eye color: blue/green
-- Best hair color: surprise me
-- Short or long hair: not short or long
-- Best personality trait: honesty.orginality
-- Best height: taller than me
-- Best weight: hmm?
-- Best articles of clothing: jeans
-- Best first date location: a cute cafe
-- Best first kiss location: lips

// series ten - finish:
-- I eat: food
-- I think: you love me
-- I am: a hippy
-- I loathe: yes
-- I adore: you
-- I suck at: LIFE-AAA
-- I am obsessed with: prefection
-- I can: do shit
-- I can't wait: forever
-- I am annoyed with: me
-- I miss: her


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[07 Jan 2003|02:53am]
[ mood | blank ]

so i have decided that i need to get a lot more shit than i thought of done.. or i at least want to get a lot more down before i start school again.. i dont want to go back.. i jsut want to get a job and move out. im going in insaen in this house

i need a boyfriend

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[blah]BLAH[blah] [02 Jan 2003|01:57am]
[ mood | depressed ]

tuesday mindy my sister and i went to venice. while walking to the boardwalk there was a run away car and i went to the rescue. i didn't suceed but i helped. mindy bought my bubbler. its so pretty. new years eve was shitty. consisted of sitting smoking toking and sitting. ive been depressed lately. mindy keeps telling me she thinks im bipolar. i think i beleive her. i need a job to fill my free time. i need to move from here. i want a puppy love that will last forever. today was also lame. consisted of sitting buying a sack toking smoking sitting eating .. now it sleep

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WANTED! [26 Dec 2002|03:56pm]
if anyone knows how to scratch or knows someone who knows how to scratch tell them to teach me.. because i got a turntable and i want to learn..thnaks
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i just dont understand... [15 Dec 2002|12:39am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

the only reason he didn't want to give it a second chance
is because he didn't want to it to end up how it did..

well it ended up like that anyways..we dont talk anymore and it is weird when we do.
so why couldn't he have jsut taken the chance.. it could have been better than it ever was

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[07 Dec 2002|12:35pm]
[ mood | high ]

so a couple of weeks ago a bunch of girls from class and i went on our usual ganja break.. and as we were pulling of there parking to find a destination.. this guy pulls up to us with a blunt in his hand and says.. "you girls want to smoke?!?" of coarse we say yes... so we go out to this cute little park and smoke and talk and blah blah blah go back to class.. it doesn't sound as cool when i tell it... but it was amazing.. like straight out of a movie or soemthing.. i dont know.. but it was cool!

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it was a good idea..?.. and a lot of fun [21 Nov 2002|07:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

lli il Iiiil ll: so you want to be my boyfriend?
comeonletsvogue: are you going to come over and makeout?

lli il Iiiil ll: so you wan tto be my boyfriend?
XbadtzzmaruX: alright come over

lli il Iiiil ll: so you want to be my boyfriend?
M0DESTXM0USE: if you wanna be seen holding a girls hand

lli il Iiiil ll: so you want to be my boyfriend?
thecoma vignette: you're teasing me or something.

boyfriendlli il Iiiil ll: so you want to be my boyfriend?
mattsxoxo: sure, lets make mindy jealous

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on the drive home [21 Nov 2002|06:47pm]
[ mood | high ]

it all started when these girls in class stole some other girls shit that got dropped form the class. so we have to sit in class for 15 extra minutes and have to write anessay about why it is bad to steal or soemthing stupid and 2nd-ish like that.. i mean come on it fuck college.. we should have to write a fucking essay on a fucking 2nd grade subject liek that..then we were all bitter so kim smoked us out and me and mindy started driving home... mindy saw an out of state plate but couldn't see what state it was .. so i wnated to prove to her it was oregon by trying to look at the front license plate well im telling her to see what it said because i cant drive and look at the same time she is staring at the guy that is driveing the car.. saying that he was hot and shit... so im like oh well lets go on an adventure and chase him.. but by the time we agreed that we had nothing better to do there was no way that we were going to be able to cathc up to hm so we dicide to take a different way home.. and it was actually a lot faster might i add.. so we are driveing and we see an ambulance car so i asked mindy if she ever had the urge to follow the ambulance cars that shesees pass her and see where theya re going and what was wrong.. and she so no.. but thenwe agreed on everytime we see an ambulance that we are going turn around and follow it unless we have to be somewhere .. but usually we dont so it will work out.. then we are driving home and we are talking about how we want to take pictures more... like bring a camera everywehre we go... becuse whenever we go some where or are school something great alwasy happens where you are jsut like damn i wish i had a camera right now.. so we are going to bring our cameras everywhere.. and lastly for your own pesonal refence the air in diamond bar smelt like onion batels tongiht.. it was great.

in conclusion the current missions that will need to be completed are as follows:
follow ambulance trucks whenever possible
bring camera everywhere

p.s. sorry if this evetry in confusing...[hehe oopsies]

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i was thinking.. [17 Nov 2002|07:45pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

... about all the people that i really truely miss and i would like to hang otu with if at all possible. and heres what i came up with:


and im sure there is more..hmmm.

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[17 Nov 2002|09:33am]
[ mood | cold ]

so i look in your direction and you pay me no attention, do you?i knew youd nt listent o me because you say you see right through me, don't you? it all in dawn from the moment i wake up, to the momenti sleep. i'll be waiting in a land jsut to see if you cna. did you want me to changefor you and i want you to know that you will always get your way. i wanted to say dont you shiver. i'll always be waiting for you. so you knowso you know how much i need you. but you never see me, do you? and this is my final chance of getting you?but in all dawn fromt he moment i wake to the moment i sleep. i'll be by your side you just try and STOP...

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[17 Nov 2002|09:00am]
[ mood | blah ]

saturday consisted of...:

..going to tina's
..making an apple pipe
..drivign to irvine
..it being a beautiful day
..made a couple new friends
..rolling skating in baloa
..and then passing out

.it was such a a relaxing day

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the party... [14 Nov 2002|11:40pm]
[ mood | high ]

i wish eveyone were shadows. jsut blackened out figures and when you walk into a romm, you dont magnate to jsut the pretty people. but get to know everyone and find the beautiful ones.

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[13 Nov 2002|08:37pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Flaubert once said .. the greatest love is the one you could have had but didn't..because you dream of what it could have been will always be better than what reality could ever deliver.. In short.. your dream will always be there and never let you down..

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